AC Unit Cover


If you rent like me, chances are you’ve got one of those ugly air conditioner wall units. In the summer time they are a life saver but in the winter they’re just super ugly. I couldn’t stand to look at that ugly thing anymore so I dug through my craft closet for some wallcovering remnants. I work in the interior design industry so finding wallcovering remnants is relatively easy for me. All my Minneapolites – stop by the International Market Square for some scores. There’s this awesome little donation area in the back that almost always has samples you can make into cool stuff. Anyways, I found this really cool open weave grasscloth with a metallic ground that I thought would look pretty killer in my place.

All you need to do to make the box is foam core, wallcovering, spray adhesive and a hot glue gun. Everyone’s air conditioner unit is different so be sure to measure twice and cut once. All I did was make a box with one of the large sides open. Use your glue gun to secure the edges.


Once everything is dry get your wall covering out. Really, you can use just about anything. You could use some sturdy wrapping paper or kraft paper and use fun stamps to jazz it up. Spray a good layer of spray adhesive onto the large side of the foam core and glue down the wallcovering. Be sure to leave enough room on each side to cover the sides. Make sure the front of the box is secure and free of air bubbles. I wrapped the edges of the box to give it clean lines. Use hot glue to secure the edges. Once everything is dry put the cover over that ugly unit and you now have a fabulous piece of art for your wall!



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