Poodle Pops

This past Mother’s Day I wanted to do something really special and fun for my mama this year so I decided to make something personal and sweet at the same time. Then, like a light bulb over the head I thought, Poodle Pops!

I should probably back up a bit. Our family dog, Betty Viola, is a Maltese and Poodle mix and she rules the roost. Seriously. She’s so spoiled it’s a little embarrassing but she’s just so damn cute that we can’t help but spoil her senselessly. I mean, LOOK at her. How can you not give her everything she wants?!

I’ve never actually made a poodle cake pop before so there was a fair bit of winging it but I have do give myself a little toot toot because I think they turned out super cute. I made my standard cake pop mix which is Cake Poppin’s recipe here and rolled them into round balls and popped them in the freezer for 10 minutes or so. I took them out and inserted the lollipop sticks with a little melting chocolate at the end and back in the freezer they go. Ten minutes later I took them out one at a time to make the ears. For the ears I used almond M&Ms and put melting chocolate on one side. With the pointy part of the M&M facing up I pressed it to the side of the pops with a little pressure and held for a good minute. Once both ears are on, I put them back in the freezer.

It might not look like much but trust me, you’re on your way to some serious cuteness. Once the ears are firmly secured go ahead and heat up your chocolate. My favorite chocolate is Guittard melting chocolate. Sometimes I’ll add a few paramount crystals to make the chocolate a smoother or thinned out consistency but Guittard chocolate typically doesn’t need it. Dip your pops in the white melted chocolate and tap the excess off.

Insider tip: Tap the top of the hand that’s holding the pop rather than tapping the actual pop. This method helps ensure the pop doesn’t fall off the lollipop stick.

Once the pop is totally dry, dip each ear again in the chocolate and cover with the white matte sprinkles. I found these look more like a poodle’s iconic curls than any other sprinkle. If you want a sassy poodle you could try the sparkly sprinkles. I mean, poodles are French after all.

Once the ears are coated with spilt uncles and are fully dry, you can add the nose, eyes and mouth using black colored chocolate. You definitely don’t need to use the facial expression I did but I thought these faces turned out super cute with the little pink tongue. The gel icing works great for the tongue and the little bows look adorbs on the ear.

Ta da!! Aren’t these super cute?! They’re basically regular cake pops with M&M’s attached to the side with some adorbs sprinkles. I hope everyone enjoys their pops and feel free to experiment with your own breed! If you’ve got a super cool Labrador at home or maybe a sassy goofy Beagle, you can totally customize your pop to mimic your own little pooch.


Here’s Miss Viola sporting her new cake pop. Ok so she doesn’t look super enthusiastic about it but trust me, she went cray cray when I let her sniff them. Lord can that dog cry when she wants a treat!! Again with the princess attitude…


At first Betty was not having it with getting her photo taken so I was a desperate woman. I had her graduation photo (yes we have our dog’s graduation photo framed and yes it’s in the kitchen) Where is MY graduation photo you ask? The hell if I know because it’s certainly not up anywhere visible but at least Betty Viola’s is!!



Miss Queeny


Christmas in Europe

What an adventure! I can’t even begin to tell everyone what a blasty-blast I had in Europe. To recap, The Harris crew and I spent a week in Germany visiting lovely towns like Rothenberg (Christmas capital of the universe) Munich, and Nuremberg (tied with Rothenberg for festive-ness) Next up we drove to Prague, Czech Republic and from there, Matt and I split from the crew and spent a week in Paris for New Years. So before I get too into details with the pictures and fond memories, I should probably start with the most exciting event from our trip…we got ENGAGED! In PARIS!!


It’s pretty hard to follow that but the rest of the trip was so much fun. It was a little weird not being around my own family for the holidays but being around a great crew of people and frolicking around gingerbread towns was so fun. Ok, so I’ll try not to totally overload you with every single second of this trip but here’s my photos!

Rothenberg, Germany

If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, go to Germany. Seriously. I felt like I stepped out of the Sound of Music set made of gingerbread houses – especially in Rothenberg. It’s a small town surrounded by a medieval wall that you can walk on. All the buildings are totally decked out in Christmas attire. From the mini Christmas market to the BOMB spaetzle I had, I personally felt touched by the Holiday spirit.

Rothenberg has a tower that you can climb up for killer views. Matt wussed out but his parents, little bro and I put on our big girl/boy pants and made our way up the 200+ steps to the top. Let me say it’s not for the claustrophobic and height fearers but if you can muster up the guts to go to the top or feel like you’ve been dominating your step class, do it! Beautiful scenery for days.



Munich, Germany

Munich was super fun but packed with people! the Old Square is where we made our way to and once we made it to the actual square it took all our breaths away. The ornate buildings mixed with state of the art buildings are something I haven’t come across in my travels.

The pic above is one of my favorite memories of Munich. Matt and I started walking around and turned the corner and ran into this. It was an outdoor bar with a ginormous spinning wooden nativity scene. Everyone was making friends with the people drinking mulled wine and beers next to them. Smiles and red nosed peeps as far as you could see!

The infamous Hoffbrauhaus was awesome. The brews were great, it was totally packed with people from all over the world and everyone was just there to have a good time. It’s a little touristy and totally packed but in my opinion it’s worth it.

Munich 1


Nuremberg, Germany

Tied with the Rothenberg as Christmas Capital of the universe, Nuremberg is known around the world for housing one of the best Christmas markets in all the land. I think one of the funniest moments in Nuremberg was when there was a big band playing and they busted out Feliz Navidad. Never in a billion years did I think I would hear that song playing half way across the world. Too funny!

  FullSizeRender (15)

FullSizeRender (14)

FullSizeRender (13)


Nuremberg 1

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is cool. Crazy, but cool. We’d start walking and think we were across town and turn the corner and end up at our hotel. The streets curve randomly and get narrower and narrower where you can practically touch buildings on both sides at the same time. Not only is Prague quirky, it’s SO old. The buildings are so insanely old that they don’t even make sense to be that old. “The kids” went out to some bars one night and ended up at a bar that was established in 1375. Whaaaaaaa?  There were literally skulls on the walls and candles on the steps so you could see where you were going. That was such a fun memory – one of my very favorites!

U Krale Brabantskeho Bar – Est. 1375.

This is where Mozart used to hang. And yes, those are real skulls. Totally lit by candlelight. One of the best nights of the entire trip.

Prague 2

Prague 1


FullSizeRender (11)

Paris, France

Wow! What a wonderful place. I can’t even begin to describe how warm and fuzzy Paris makes a girl feel. The people were so warm and friendly and appreciated the very little French I tried to ramble to them. Yes, I may have accidently ordered the wrong bottle of wine because my French was just that bad but it still tasted great. Did I accidently say a Spanish “si” instead of French “oui” to a waitress in a Michelin star restaurant? You bet. Even after all that, Paris will always hold a special place in my heart because that’s where we got engaged!!

FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (8)



FullSizeRender (10)


My happy place.



The Louvre

Quite the digs, Louis. No one will EVER call him understated.


FullSizeRender (4)



Musee D’Orsay


FullSizeRender (1)




My photo album would not be complete without Bruno the German Rottweiler. He may not be the smartest dog in Germany but he might be the cutest. To say he was the spotlight of attention was an understatement – whether you wanted to pay attention to him or not.


Jill Plane

Long Flight? Pack These!

For those of you who may not know, Matt’s family and I are going to Europe for the holidays! Woot woot! I’m so excited to bust out of the norm and explore at such a fun time of year. We’re headed to Germany to celebrate Christmas with Matt’s brother and his wife and step kids so we’ll be checking out the amazing Christmas markets that Germany has to offer. (SO PUMPED!) Then we’ll be off to Prague for two lovely days of eating heavy meals and drinking delicious pilsners. After Prague all of us are scattering a bit so Matt’s parents will be heading to Italy, Matt’s other brother will be bouncing around Germany and Matt and I will be headed to the City of Lights for New Years. Paris for New Years!!! I don’t think it gets much better than that! Not to worry my lovely readers – I’ll take lots of pictures and share as many stories as I can remember. But before I get too ahead of myself, I need to pack, right?

I think it’s super important to have a really great carry on bag in addition to the roller that you have with you. Sitting on a plane for 8 hours can really test a person’s sanity so here’s some of my tips for a great time at 30,000 feet.



  1. L & S Carry On Bag
  2. Thermal Spring Water
  3. Adult Coloring Books
  4. Amika Dry Shampoo
  5. Dang Coconut Chips
  6. Carry On Cocktail
  7. Clear Liquids Zipper Bag
  8. Glass Water Bottle
  9. Lip Gloss

The L & S carry on bag is the king of all carry on bags. It has a secret spot for a spare pair of shoes, loads of great pockets and slips easily on your roller so it doesn’t fall off the handles. Perfection!

The Thermal Spring Water spray is something I got in my Birchbox so it’s perfect to fit in the under 3 oz. rule. It helps keep your skin from drying out and gives you a little pep before you get off the plane to your fabulous destination.

Adult coloring books. Hallelujah! This is like a gift from up above for a design school grad like myself. Make sure to pick up a sharpener for your colored pencils and you have hours of entertainment. It’s going to be hard for me not to crack into those bad boys before the flight!

Dry shampoo is a must for long flights. Unlike my homegirl Beyonce, I did not wake up like this. My hair is naturally red (yikes!) and can get pretty greasy after a day so dry shampoo is my bestie for daily living and a savior for travel.

Dang Coconut Chips are the best of the best. They’re naturally sweet so you don’t have to cave and load up on candy bars and they’re all natural so you can feel good about what you’re eating because, let’s face it, airplane meatloaf and 12 bags of super salty peanuts just aren’t going to cut it for 8 hours.

I’m not a friendly flier. I’m not shy about my distaste for airplanes. Typically, I require 1 drink at MINIMUM to keep me from losing my shit. I have a prescription as a back up so if you find yourself sitting next to me – not to worry. I won’t pull a Bridesmaids and make the pilot pull over for colonial settlers on the wing ;). Carry on Cocktails are classy and can make the mundane whiskey drink into a luxurious treat.

When I was a poor college student I literally used a clear ziplock baggy to store my liquids but now that I’m closing in on 30 I figured I needed to step up my game. Lolo Bags are totally fabulous. You can customize the size and request clear plastic with a zipper so all your liquids clear security. They also make the most adorable luggage tags which I also use.

I use my water bottle daily and when traveling it’s uber important to keep hydrated.  I love having my own water bottle that I can fill at my leisure. You can buy small ones but I prefer the big boys. Yes, they’re big but it’s so important to keep guzzling the H2O.

Hydrating lip gloss. Must. Have.


Well kids, I’m going to miss you all terribly while I’m gone but I promise to take loads of pictures! Bon Voyage! Fröhliche Weihnachten (Merry Christmas) and Bonne Année ( Happy New Year)!!

Jill Plane.png

Miss Queeny


Halloween Cake Pops

As the TV commercials have been mentioning every other minute, Halloween is almost upon us – yikes! For those of you who are throwing your own party you should check out my post on a Halloween party we threw last year here.

If you just need a fun snack to bring to a party that will knock everyone’s socks off try out these super cute Halloween style cake pops!

For me, the hardest part was trying to decide what spooky character to create. I settled on the quintessential Halloween characters – a pumpkin (obvi) Frederick the Frankenstein and a trick-o-treatin’ ghost.

Start by rolling out your cake pops into balls. It’s really easy to mold them after they’re already in a ball.

For the Pumpkins


Take one of your pop sticks and slowly roll over the top with a fair bit of pressure in a rocking motion so you create these little canals. Depending on how large you make your cake pops you’ll either get four of these lines in or eight. I made mine pretty small this go around so I only did four.

Let those chill in the fridge for about an hour so they’re nice a firm when you go to dip. Some people like to dip their sticks in the melted chocolate before they insert them into the pop to secure it but it can leave a little mess at the bottom. It’s totally your choice. If you’re feeling confident – don’t dip your stick. If you’re trying this your first time, dip. If you do dip, pop the cake pops back in the fridge so that chocolate can harden.

While you’re waiting for your cake pops in the fridge, start melting chocolate. Don’t try to over melt them or you’ll end up with hard bitter chocolate. Nobody likes that. You can either mix your own colors or buy colored chocolate melts. I’m kind of a color nerd so I like to do my own but it’s totally up to you. Dip your cake pop in the chocolate and do what I call the tap and swoop. A lot of people will tap their pop to get the excess chocolate off. Here’s my trick – instead of tapping the actual cake pop, tap the forearm of the hand you’re holding the pop with. It’s a lot less aggressive and makes the chocolate fall off much cleaner. When you feel like you have much of the excess chocolate off give it a big swoop up so your pop is upright in a smooth motion so that top bit of chocolate doesn’t have a peak.

 Once you’ve dipped your pumpkins you can either leave them or you can jazz them up with some sprinkles. Once everything is dry pipe on a green stem and you’re set!

Next up – Trick o’ Treaters!

I tried to mimic the Pac-Man ghosts. I formed the head and used a pop stick to make the “feet” For the arms I just snapped a pretzel stick and made sure to take off any of the salt so it was smooth. You only need 1/2″ for each pretzel arm and carefully push them into each side. Make sure to chill these in the fridge so those arms stay put.

Dip in white chocolate a let them dry completely. To make the face I used an edible ink pen. I used orange sixlets for the trick o’ treaters candy bag and used my edible ink pen for the face and the strap around his ghost arm.


Frederick is really easy. Roll your cake pop so that it’s a little longer and square off the top and bottom. I ended up buying the Wilton’s Green Apple melting chocolate for Frank since I thought the color was pretty fun but you can absolutely whip up your own color. Make them yours! Dip Frank in the green chocolate and let that set. Then dip the tip in black or brown chocolate – you can add sprinkles if you like. How do you want your Frankenstein to feel? Is he flashy and sassy with glitzy sprinkles or is he more demure with matte round sprinkles. I was feeling a bit sassy so I went the sparkly route. Add little white chocolate dots for eyes and once that’s dry bust out that edible ink pen and add pupils, the forehead and a mouth!

The most important part is to have lots of fun while you make these and if one doesn’t turn out you can always turn it into a zombie! Happy Halloween everyone!!


Pop 9

Billiards Cake Pops

For those who may or may not know, I love to make cake pops. If I were to pick a “thing” this would be my thing. I’ve been doing them for a few years now and I’ve loved every second of it. When I was picking up the goodies to make this set for Matt’s birthday I was trying to remember when I did a post on cake pops and I couldn’t really believe that I’ve never done one! So, without further adieu, here’s my first of many cake pop post.
Matt’s thing is playing pool. Can I say obsessed? Yep, obsessed. It doesn’t help that we live across the street from a bar full of pool tables so you can imagine why we were blessed with a loyalty card from that particular bar. When I was brainstorming new cake pop ideas Matt’s mom called to say they were having a family party to celebrate the big 2-9 so I immediately thought of a billiards themed pop. Really, it’s pretty easy. They’re already round so it’s not like I needed to bust out my old ceramic 101 binder from college.

Pop 5

To make this a little more interesting I decided to try a new recipe AND a new chocolate. I’ve been stalking Cake Poppin‘s instagram and Facebook and even her YouTube channel for inspo. Her pops turn out perfectly every time so I thought I’d give her recipe a go. If you’re curious how she makes it, check out her You Tube video here. The flavor is totally amazing. These are way better than the ones I had made before. They were still really cake-y but it they didn’t fall apart. One thing I did a little differently from Cake Poppin’ was that I added just a smidge of frosting to the cake to help me get the balls smoother. We had really dry air the day I made these so that could be why I needed a little more moisture but see how it goes at your house and if you’re having troubles rolling just add a little less than a tablespoon of frosting and you’ll be in good shape.

Pop 2

When I first started making cake pops I just used the Wilton’s melting chocolate. Honestly, if this is your first rodeo I say start with them. The chocolate is a bit thicker and if any drop of water enters the chocolate it totally seizes up on you but it’s a good starter if you aren’t trying to reinvent the color spectrum since they have all the basics colors to get you going. This time I used Guittard chocolate that I ordered online. You can get it on Amazon and I totally recommend getting a 2 pound bag if you can. The one pound is nice for one round of cake pops but if you want a stash on hand for a cake pop emergency, I always spring for the 2 pounder. Guittard melts really well in the microwave under careful supervision. I always nuke them for 30 seconds, mix it up, pop it back in for 15 seconds, mix and if it’s still not totally smooth, I’ll nuke again for 10 seconds. If you try to melt it for too long there’s no going back so it’s better to just keep a close eye on it and take your time.

Pop 7

Pop 6

Here’s an example of some cake pops I did for a baby shower using the Wilton’s chocolate. They still turned out amazing and tasted good too. It’s all based on personal preference!

Pop 4

Here’s the thing I didn’t totally think about when making pool ball cake pops – they are literally every color of the rainbow so I was going to go through a TON of chocolate to make all the colors. Thankfully, I bought the 2 pounder 😉 and ordered the full set of oil based liquid coloring from Chefmaster. These are by far the best at adding color. I had no problem making the colors I needed – except for maroon #hotmess. I’m kind of a color fanatic so if the color isn’t right I take it personally #hotmess.


The solid colors of the pool bars a really easy. You just dip the pop in once and you’re done. The stripes are a bit of a different story. You’ll start with one dip in all white chocolate and let it harden. Once it’s hardened you dip it 3/4 in the colored chocolate and let that harden. The trick is to go straight down to get your stripes as straight as you can. Make sure that you keep the pop upside down when you’re tapping the excess chocolate off so your lines stay crisp. You can go back with a paper towel if you need to. Once the color of the stripe has hardened, go back with your white chocolate again and just do the top third of your pop.

Pop 3

The final touch is the numbers. I used a modeling white chocolate and rolled it out and cut out little circles. You can also use fondant – I personally don’t like the taste of fondant so that’s why I didn’t use it. Different strokes for different folks. Then just take your edible ink pen and write the number on the circle. Take a little dab of white chocolate to attach it to the cake pop and voila!


Birchbox No. 3

Hey everyone! Can you guys believe it’s August!? Crazy!! I’m SO excited to share my Birchbox this month. As always, my Birchbox arrived right on time and I gotta say, I’m really pumped with the goodies that were inside. Let’s dig in.


First up was the Stila lip gloss. It really should be called lip stain because it’s staying with you all day long. I couldn’t wait to get it home so I tried it on at work. Bold move on my part because I can’t pull off a lot of crazy colored lipsticks. It took a few minutes of walking around with it but I really grew to LOVE the color. I received the Barbie pink color featured on the far right. This is a Birchbox exclusive so don’t bother walking around Sephora for this one. I would have to say, this might have been my favorite sample of the box – and that’s saying a lot because I had a ton of faves this month.

My second favorite sample was the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion skin exfoliant. This product really knocks your socks off. I’m not a big exfoliant connoisseur but I LOVED how this made my skin feel. In a lot of exfoliants I’ve tried in the past, it just seems really harsh and aggressive for your skin but this one was smooth and the little exfoliants (I’m sure there’s a technical term for those) was super small and really got in there and did the job. I’m definitely stocking up on the big size of this guy. Well done, Dr. Brandt.

I love this company for so many reasons. First, look how cute and happy Amika’s branding is! Second, I’ve tried a few different products from this company and they’ve been a hit every time. Full disclosure, my hair is a hot mess. It’s straight as an arrow and won’t hold a curl if it’s life depended on it so I’ve more or less given up curling it. The Un.Done Texture Spray actually adds a little oomph to my hair. Granted, it doesn’t last all day but in my case, nothing does. That’s why travel sized products are my jam.
How can you not love Coola? Coola made sunscreen cool, in my opinion. I’m practically transparent so I can burn just by walking out to the mailbox and back so sunscreen is just a way of life. I HATE how traditional sunscreen feels and  smells. Thankfully, Coola has come into my life and made my skin very happy. The Cucumber Moisturizer has an SPF 30 and smells like fresh cucumbers. The ingredients sound like a wonderful smoothie but it’s all just for your skin! Strawberry extracts, acai, primrose, linseed oils and obvi – cucumber.
I’m not a big CC cream kind of gal but I do have to say that Juice Beauty’s CC Cream smells lovely. There’s just a hint of color to hind those little imperfections or goofy looking freckles in my case. The nice thing is that this product has a moisturizer so it leaves your skin smooth before you put your makeup on. I’m still not sold on CC cream but at least this one smelled happy!

Miss Queeny


The Bachelorette Finale Party

I’m not afraid to say it loud and say it proud, I am Bachelor Nation! I’ve been watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette for many seasons now and I love every second of it. It’s so goofy and psychotic but it’s become something I can’t wait to watch. What’s even better is that there’s such a community of people out there that love it as much as I do so why not throw an awesome party with friends to watch the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!


You will, of course, need roses and rose petals. Make a table runner out of rose petals, have a bouquet of flowers so all your gals can “Accept this rose” before they leave! Be sure to set the mood with lots of white candles. Jump on Instagram and print off some of your favorite moments from the season and put them in your picture frames.

Classic red rose centerpieces and Antique Silver Votive candles are a simple yet beautiful combo for this black tie event.

Cocktail Party

A signature cocktail is a must and nothing says eternal love like bourbon. Here’s a super quick, super yummy drink for the occasion.

Blood Orange Tingler

  • Muddle some mint leaves.
  • Add your ice and 3 splashes of bitters.
  • Add a shot of bourbon.
  • Fill the rest with Blood Orange Sanpelligrino.
  • Garnish with a sprig of mint and a sliver of blood orange.


Skinny Blood Orange Margaritas -

To add some jazz to your cocktail, use a diamond ring ice mold!

This unique ice mold lets you dress up drinks at an engagement party or bridal shower.


For a cute snack, whip up some (or buy. No judgment here) muffins. Then print off small photos of all the guys and sandwich a toothpick between the photos. Ta Da! You now have STUD MUFFINS!

You must, of course, have a photo of the man behind the cupcake, Chris!

A girl can get pretty creative with fun wording for her appetizers. Have a cheese plate with “Cheesy Pick Up Lines” or “Fantasy Sweets” filled with bits of chocolate, cookies and chocolate covered strawbs. Grab some popcorn and buy some M&M’s, peanuts, pretzels, and Twizzler Nibs for a little popcorn bar. Be sure to add a sign that says, “POP the Question!”

Fun Times

Quick jump on Powerpoint and put together a list of the two contestants that are left standing. Add their stats and a photo. Leave a spot for your gals to write their favorite moment from each guy and who they think is going home with the girl. Be sure to add a line for your ladies to write down the most uncomfortable moment from the season. With this season, it’s not going to be too difficult to come up with something.  Relive the uncomfortable moments together!



Lastly, have everyone write down who they think is going to be the new Bachelor and before the “After the Rose” comes on, make a list of all the names and whoever answers it gets a rose! Here’s my vote…Go BEN H!!!

Now that another Bachelorette is soon to be in the books, Monday’s are just going to be…Mondays.

Miss Queeny


Birchbox No.2

Can you believe June is already here?! So crazy. Well, with every new month comes a new Birchbox. This box is brought to you by fellow blogger Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere is sort of known for her curating skillz since that’s a lot of what she does for her blog so it seemed pretty fitting that she do a curated box for Birchbox.  

As always, the box is super cute. I’m totally digging the creamsicle color with white and gold. I’ve been getting Birchboxes for over a year now and I still have not had a duplicate sample. I can only imagine what their warehouse looks like. Heaven!

First up, I have a moisturizer from Naobay. It’s loaded with avocado and olive oil which happen to be on my list of favorite things on the planet so you can understand my excitement to smear on my face. This moisurizer smells lovely and fresh and didn’t have an oily residue at all.

Dr. Jart + Ceramidin is fabulous for super dry skin days. I loved using this on my uber dry skin days. Even better is this has a slight tint to hide any redness AND SPF 15. Score!

I was one of the lucky ones who received a few extra samples this month and this is one of them. Living Proof Restore Shampoo, Conditioner and Instant Repair Lotion is really tender with your hair to compensate for the crazy we put our hair through with blow drying, straightening and curling. It even repels dirt and oils so you don’t look like a hot mess at the end of a crazy day.

I’m a big stickler on perfume. In my entire life I can count two perfumes that I’ve been able to stand – J’Adore by Dior and Chance by Chanel. I rarely wear perfume so the investment isn’t something I always like to partake in but I’ve always got a few samples in my purse!  Raw Spirit Fragrance was included in my box this month and while I wasn’t a huge fan, my coworker smelled great with it! I must have weird oils or something because I hated how it smelled on me by my coworker smelled great with it. I think fragrances are one of those things that you just have to feel out yourself and I’m always down to find a new perfume.

Here’s the thing. I’m always on the prowl for a new lip color and I’d like to think of myself as a fairly adventurous person but I just can’t with this one. I received the Jello Orange color of Chosungah 22 Lipstick and it’s very true to the color Jello orange. While it did feel really smooth on my lips I felt like I looked as though I had just taken 5 jello shots in a row. I could maybe handle the hot pink colorway of this lipstick but I’m going to have to say no way in hell on this color.

Chosungah 22 Flavorful Lipstick - Jello Orange

Have a great weekend everybody!

Miss Queeny


Memorial Weekend in New Orleans

Over the weekend Matt and I jumped on a plane to New Orleans! We had a blast!

Basically, the main goal was to eat as much as possible and walk around to take the city in. We ate everything from crawfish étouffée to shrimp the size of your arm. There are so many amazing restaurants there and NOLA  made sure we weren’t going to go hungry. We had an old fashioned crawfish boil, some oysters, po boys, soft shell crab, you name it – we ate it. Can you tell we were on a mission for great food!? We stopped at Cochon for a muffaletta and NOLA beers, sat down for an old fashioned crawfish boil at House of Blues, had the best omelet and bananas foster french toast of our lives at Surrey’s Cafe & Juice Bar on Magazine Street, and the best grilled oysters on the planet at Bourbon House.

Frenchman Street was our go-to for night life entertainment. This is where the locals still hang and where all the best music in New Orleans performs. If you’re looking for a view of daily life in New Orleans, this is a great place to check out. If you are a Treme fan on HBO, they feature this area in a lot of scenes. If you’re a really big Treme fan, you’ll be pumped to hear that we saw John Boutte perform who is the singer for the opening song to all the Treme episodes. He was amazing!!

Matt and I picked up a few pieces of art for our place while we were at the Frenchman Street Art Market and could have easily bought a lot more. The cool part about the art market is that it changes every night so you can go back a few times while you’re in town.


Our hotel, The Old No. 77 Hotel and Chandlery, was FABULOUS. It’s in the warehouse district just a few blocks from the French Quarter and two blocks off Magazine St. The vibe of the hotel was super boutique-y with  a great design aesthetic. Lots of raw materials – wood, metal, glass, that sort of thing. If you’re interested in making a trip to NOLA i highly recommend staying here.





My dream house…on St. Charles Street.

Lassiez les bon temps roulez! (Let the good times roll!)


Birchbox No.1

I’ve been a subscriber to Birchbox for about a year now and I still love every second of it!. For those of you who don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s a monthly box subscription full of samples of makeup, nail polish, and even some sweet treats. Most of the manufacturers that they use are all either small operations with great ideas, or international brands that are hard to find in the U.S.


Each box is tailored to your own personal style and what you’ve got goin’ on. If you’re into keeping your skin silky smooth, they’ll send you more skin specific products. If you’re an adventurous type, you might see some fuschia lipstick coming your way. It’s always a big surprise but almost always something that works for you and your unique, awesome body.

And fellas, don’t be bummed that this post isn’t for you – there’s even a men’s version! Quite frankly, it’s pretty kick ass and I’m a little jealous of how cool the guy box is.

I’m going to be showcasing my box of goodies each month and let you know my thoughts on each product. I don’t know about you but I LOVE great makeup advice and HATE buying things and trying them out and they, well, suck so I’ll be your guinea pig on these products.

Box Open

I SUPER encourage all of you to get a Birchbox subscription. For only $10 a month, it’s worth the money and who doesn’t like getting a little surprise in the mail each month?!

Each box is beautifully designed and is great to use for gift boxes and in my opinion, this box is the prettiest. I’m a little biased because I happen to LOVE Rifle Paper Co. and they’re the ones who designed this month’s box.

Box full

The first product in my Birchbox was Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect. I was pumped to see this! I have to wash my hair every day or else I look a little homeless so if I have any chance of walking out the door at a decent time I have to blow dry. It’s a way of life for me at this point. Super Comb acts as a leave in conditioner to help battle the blowdryer. It’s also made from some really great ingredients like soy yogurt and algae. No sulfates for this girl! It also makes my hair easier to comb through which cuts down on time spent in the morning.

The next product is Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream. It smells lovely. I got the Blueberry smell and, while a little on the sweet side, I personally like it a little sweeter but i recognize that this smell is not for everyone. I was sort of confused the first time I used it. It didn’t foam up! I thought, “Am I using this wrong? Is it even possible to use a shaving cream wrong?” No! I’m not losing my mind. Since this is made from all organic materials, it doesn’t need to foam and it won’t so don’t freak out when you use it. It does the job it’s set out for and does leave my skin less dry than my good old Bath and Body Works.

Up next is a lip and cheek tint from Jouer called Tint. I first tried it on my lips and it gets a little chalky but it looks great on cheeks. My suggestion would be to just use it for your cheeks and not for the lips but I didn’t add a clear gloss over the top. The color seems to work with lots of different skin type. I’m super, beyond normal, pale and it doesn’t look like I tried too hard which is something i can’t always pull off.

POP Beauty Eyeshadow came out with some great colors. This photo shows all the colors you would get if you bought the full sha-bang but my colors were really natural and warm looking. There wasn’t too much shimmer so if you’re a shimmer girl you can always add some glitz for goin’ out.

Last but not least is Harvey Prince Hello Body Butter. Mama loves body butters and this one had a nice feel to it. It was a tad greasy but in a weird way I sort of like that – it lets me know it’s on there good. It doesn’t have much of a smell to it. It’s sort of natural smelling, if that makes any sense at all. With vitamin E, almond oil and shea butter as the main ingredients it really calms a girl’s nerves to know she’s not absorbing chemicals that she can’t pronounce. Go Harvey Prince!


Next month’s featured box is procured from Miss Cupcake herself, Cupcakes and Cashmere! For those who may or may not know, Emily Schuman is the creator of Cupcakes and Cashmere and has been a HUGE force in this little blogging club. Definitely check her out for great recipes, DIYs and interiors shots and most DEFINITELY stop by Miss Queeny to in a few weeks to see what Emily comes out with in the next Birchbox! Have a fab day everyone!

Miss Queeny